Grant Writing Success in 5 Easy Steps

It is a startling statistic.

The largest foundations in the United States today allocate less than 1% of their funding to age-related needs.

Meanwhile, 10,000 Americans are turning age 65 every single day.

What is one way age-focused non-profits can increase their chances of securing grant funding in this kind of environment? A good first step is for leaders to equip themselves with time and money saving strategies that can help them become grant ready even if they are unable to hire a full-time development staff member.

On October 7th at 1pm EST, MBM Consulting is hosting a live webinar called, Grant Writing Success in 5 Easy Steps. This event is for professionals who are leading non-profit organizations that serve older adults and find themselves pressed for time with limited budget flexibility.

This webinar will help you:

  • Get organized before approaching funders

  • Create a development strategy

  • Identify your funding priorities

  • Locate “best fit” funders

  • Write a compelling Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and full application

There is no question that foundations need to start rethinking their resource allocation when it comes to supporting age-related causes, and organizations like Grantmakers in Aging are doing an excellent job of advocating for that shift.

In the meantime, organizations can invest time in learning how to develop and maintain funder relationships to help ensure their success now and into the future.

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