Grant Writing Readiness Checklist

What is the first step in the grant writing process?

Contrary to popular belief, the first step is not sitting down and immediately writing your letter of inquiry (LOI) or full application.

In fact, before you even start thinking about approaching a funder with your request, your organization needs to take the time to get organized, optimize your community engagement and polish your digital image.

I’ve compiled this Grant Writing Readiness Checklist that will help you and your team build a solid foundation upon which you can construct a sustainable grant writing strategy. This list may seem basic, but it is often the case that non-profit organizations that serve older adults don’t yet have these key elements in place and therefore aren’t set up for success.

Have you accomplished everything on this checklist already? If so, congratulations!

You may now be ready to create a list of potential funders for your request. If that is the case, take a look at my 5 Regional Funder Directories. Each directory lists 10 funders by region of the United States and includes their contact information, funding priorities and submission deadlines. These will help kickstart your research!